Half a century of experience...

The Hertz Spindle Engines that we produce by blending the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years will earn you confidence, quality and speed. We increased our product range day by day and developed all our products with the same quality and care. Hertz Spindle Engines are manufactured entirely in our own facilities. Each part is passed through hundreds of intermediate specimens during both manufacturing and assembly phases.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we are able to make error-free production by subjecting our experts to quality control test. The quality of the engines we produce is under the Hertz Spindle Motor safety. And we are constantly working to get better.

Hertz Spindle Motor has no connection or partnership with Hertz Inc.


Our Vision / Our Mission / Our Values

Our Vision

Our clients are to create surplus values in Spindle Motor supply, exceeding expectations every time without compromising our principles, quality and ethical values.

Our Mission

In our globalizing world, to be one of the most important ring of the supply chain, to increase the quality of our services by increasing our knowledge and experience every day, and to spread our own network all over the world with the same understanding, always to be customer focused, to provide superior service quality and to be the first choice in the world To be among the companies.

Our Values

Integrity - Customer Focus - Quality - Innovation - Reliability - Teamwork - Transparency - Becoming a Solution Partner - Responsibility Consciousness - Courage - Foresight and Creativity